Let's bring
autonomous cooking
to the home!

We combine cutting edge robotics, machine learning and embedded hardware to build an AI-powered device that cooks fresh & healthy meals for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we focus on "cooking" only?

Cooking is the #1 most time-consuming household chore: world-wide. Automating this task shows the highest potential for improving quality of life, health and productivity. In contrast to other robot applications only a handful of companies are focusing on autonomous cooking to this date. None of them is creating a product that satisfies consumer needs.

As robotic food preparation is complex enough to keep a startup busy for the first years, this is our sole focus. Our goal is to master the autonomous cooking with a compact and beautiful device, made for the home. In the long-term future, when universal household robots emerge and get market ready, Mana technology will power their cooking skills.

Won't general household or humanoid robots solve this problem?

Multiple facts speak against this: Firstly, the costs for a mobile or humanoid system with adequate cooking capabilities would be way too high to get to market soon (>€50.000). Secondly, the technological complexity of such systems, especially regarding kinematics, dynamics, energy and safety manifold the costs. Furthermore safety concerns are hard to mitigate for robotic systems that can move through your apartment while also being able to handle various potentially harmful tools as knifes or hot pans as they are - theoretically - hackable.

Lastly, we aim to overcome the acceptance barrier for capable robots in the home by designing a compact and beautiful robotic home appliance that fits in every modern kitchen. Put different: not another sci-fi design. Thus, we decided to go for a stationary system and focus on the food preparation skills only. Nevertheless we do see opportunities to provide our robotic skills and virtual training environments to providers of universal household robots in the long-term.

What sets you apart from robotic kitchens and other solutions?

Let's put it straight: we are not in the business of building robotic kitchens (in contrast to Aitme, Goodbytz, Moley Robotics, Remy Robotics and others). Their room-sized machines are made to process pre-cooked ingredients in commercial kitchens at the highest possible speed and economic efficiency. They mimic and include all components of a kitchen: fridge, cook top, kitchen utils, ... but made for classic automated operation only. They lack the intelligence of handling actual off-the-shelf grocery ingredients and there is no way of scaling them into a form factor that fits in your kitchen.

In contrast, we create a solution for the home & semi-automated gastronomy that works in your kitchen, and works with the quality ingredients you provide. You just select a recipe and then load the requested ingredients, utils and dishes to your cook top - our system handles the rest (peeling, cutting, stirring, flipping). It even arranges the delicious meal on your plate. To get there, we develop a home appliance with unprecedented cognition and handling capabilities that is versatile, compact and stylish. Kind of the Thermomix but without the need for manual intervention.

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